What Is Kong Api Gateway? Reasons For Migrating To Kong

Kong is a cloud native, scalable, platform independent known for its high performance and extensibility via plugins. The great thing about kong is it can run seamlessly on a kubernetes cluster. It acts as a middleware between compute clients and applications.

Top Features and plugins that Kong can offer

Kong can offer following features and plugins that make it as a lucrative option for a api gateway solution

  • Authentication with portal application registration (this can be particularly useful for enterprise apps in azure).
  • Authentication using OAuth, OpenIdConnect, SAML, Basic Auth, JWT Tokens to name a few.
  • LDAP and Vault Authentication is also supported
  • In Security It has features like TLS Metadata headers, CORS Support, IP Restriction.
  • For App Monitoring It supports Appdynamics, DataDog, Prometheus, Zipkin and more..
  • For Traffic control It has features like RateLimiting, Access Control List (ACL), Request and Response validations.
  • Routing, LoadBalancing, Health Checks all configurable by declarative configurations.
  • Enables Creation of Custom Plugins.

Why Kong API Gateway ?

Well after looking at the top features and plugins that kong can offer, the major question. that comes to mind is why should you use kong over other api gateways ? Lets look at some of the strong reasons to migrate or start using kong.

  • Since kong is kubernetes native, It is cloud agnostic and this helps immensely in preventing cloud vendor lockin.
  • Easy to maintain and easy to install.
  • Great Performance, flexible , contains Api Blueprints, Great Documentation
  • Growing Community Support and the fact that the plugins are very customisable make it good fit for most companies.

Useful Resources and Documentation

Following are some useful resources and documentation link that can help you get started.